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Huzzah and felicitations! After what feels like a ten year wait we have our banking in order and are able to accept your largesse. Right now you can send checks and money orders to…

Global Minority Initiative
P.O. Box #211
Lombard Illinois 60148

Bitcoin and credit card payment options on our site to follow shortly.

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Social Media

For daily news and all updates make sure to follow our social media accounts at…

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Over The Target…

We have been waiting for a sleazy hit piece and were not disappointed in this entry. Comments turned off: check! I have to ask what other group would be excoriated for doing nothing more than seeking to support prisoners? We have had letters returned for ‘supporting gang activity?’ Would La Raza receive this kind of treatment? How about the NOI?

We have made it clear we do not support or condone violence, but that’s not their real complaint, no, their real complaint is our existence and nothing more than our utter destruction will satisfy them. And we mean to confound and disappoint them by continuing to fight on and by continuing to be successful.

And never forget that what they truly fear is you. What they truly fear is us coming together, coming together to support our guys and not let them be chewed up and spit out by this sick anti-White system. So let’s give them a stiff middle finger by continuing our work here. When you are over the target you take flak so with that in mind we thank our attackers for letting us know in the best way possible that we are over the target.

And thank you for all you are doing. I want you to know we are in contact with the guys and they are telling us you guys are killing it. Thank you, honestly, we are honored to stand with you in this important work.