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Help for Bruce Aiden-Umbaugh!

Someone close to Aiden has reached out to us asking for help. They write…

It would just mean the world to me for Aidan to be listed on your site as I don’t know how much longer I will have a job to help Aidan with commissary, I have accrued 11,000 in debt hiring him two lawyers (because the first lawyer refused to represent him at the federal level) and I could not afford for the second lawyer to bring it to trial as he was going to charge me $7500 more to go to trial.
The charges were $3,500 for his first lawyer. $7,500 for initial pre-trial representation for his second lawyer for federal charges – with the second lawyer stating it would be $7,500 to go to trial which I was unable to pay for.
Commissary has become difficult for me because since I am in such debt at the moment, I am having a hard time supporting what Aidan needs in there on top of the debt I have accrued and I have largely been working overtime hours but I am still struggling and exhausted.”

Never forget our guys and their loved ones face huge consequences for standing against this corrupt system. And the financial is far from the least of those. Please if you can support our people. It means so much to them. This is where it starts people. This is how we come together!