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Never Leave a Fallen Comrade

NSCC: Never Leave a Fallen Comrade

Our mission is to never leave a fallen comrade. Our mission is not to pass judgment on them. Our mission is not to put them on trial yet again. Our missions is not to promote a political agenda to either the prisoners or supporters. We don’t care if they’re guilty or innocent, though more than a few of these men are indeed truly innocent of their charges.

The NSCC is a prison charity with the goal of assisting and supporting America’s nationalists who have no other organization to turn to for support. We aim to achieve that goal through facilitating communication between our prisoners and the outside world, through uplifting their spirits, through being a voice for the silenced. We also intend to load up their commissaries, deliver the books and other permitted materials to help improve their stay, and assist when possible with the unique personal and family challenges that come with incarceration.

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Pre-Flight Checklist

Welcome to the NSCC project’s website.

We are performing a predeployment on the dark web before our official debut in order to give the community and family and friends of inmates an opportunity to review the information we’ve aggregate for errors and incompleteness. Please review the site in depth and keep your eye open for any errors, issues, or missing information, no matter how minor.

Maintaining the most up-to-date information on the growing list of dissidents caught up in America’s legal system is a major challenge, but we believe we can achieve it with your help and support.

To contact us, you can use our Contact Form or interact with our official Gab account, @NSCC.

1. Are we missing anybody?

2. Are we missing any information on anybody?

3. Are there any website functionality or usability issues?