The Gift

By: Tyler Eugene Tenbrink

The very notions of charity and pity have led us to a weakness on the verge of stultification. To allow, to encourage, that which has no right to live to flourish is an evolutionary crime against the strong and enlightened imbued with a thirst for life beyond what until this point has been described as good. But it should be noted that what is right is not always ”good” as such notions as good can be classified as subjective, while rightness can be attributed to widely accepted and immutable laws that are cultural, social, scientific, and natural. In this light we may view what is necessary and what is broadly beneficial to our existence and the world around us as what is right. While what is good as how the action satisfies and enriches the individual, destructive to the point of regression. In seeking divinity, a natural evolutionary process must be accepted, considering that we have not arrived at this point by accident. We have been given a gift and inspired beyond all creation to ascend beyond mere existence.

Ignorance is not merely a state of existence, it is a burdensome, choking disease that will not allow us to move forward and achieve our goals as a people nor as a whole in our world, the universe, or what comes after. If we accept the Truth and become forces of nature, if we claim the portion of glory which is our birthright bestowed upon us by the greatest of our ancestors, we will enter a New Age of esoteric Renaissance. We must rid ourselves of the yoke of our oppressors and shed our shame with vicious urgency. Then we will secure the freedom that beckons us to scrape our knuckles on eternity!

Tyler Eugene TenBrink