A Return to Christian Civilization

By: John T. Earnest

Our Foundation

Of primary importance, we affirm the truth that all governments of men are derived from and under the authority of our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. As King of kings, Christ has instituted civil governments to observe and dispense His laws for the good of men and the glory of God. The government cannot make legal what is inherently illegal without suffering the discipline of our Lord. It is out of this respectful fear that we legislate in accordance with God’s will.

Although the jurisdiction of the government is separate to that of the Church, in matters of justice or religion the government can appeal to the Church for advice or correction. It is fitting, then, that our chief maxim and symbol is Christos Nika (khree-STOSS nee-KAH)—’Christ Conquers.’ Christian symbols such as the Latin cross, the Greek cross, and the dove are commended by the Church for the government’s use.

The Latin cross is symbolic of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and victory for His people over sin and punishment, ironically, by Satan’s own hand. It is a powerful symbol of Christ’s love for His Church. The Greek cross is symbolic of the Apostle Peter and Paul’s crucifixion and their faithful endurance in the midst of persecution. It symbolizes the love of the Christian for his Lord: To inspire confidence in weaker brothers and to testify concerning the futility of the enemy’s lawless schemes. The dove’s wings are symbolic of the Holy Spirit and His alight on Christ and the Church. They symbolize the power that God grants His people to accomplish His will. The ten feathers of the dove’s wings are symbolic of the Ten Commandments and the Word can have on a person. The one Gospel that pierces the soul of man and leads him to repentance and obedience is the very same Gospel that will pierce the souls of the disobedient and slaughter them in judgment and wrath.

European Nations

Because the European peoples are worth preserving and have a right to live amongst their own kind without being subject to those who seek to corrupt or destroy them, it is good to promote the reestablishment of countries whose laws and governments protect their heritage, culture, and livelihoods.

Form of Government

When considering the arrangement of the government, one must not only ask themselves which form is the least susceptible to corruption, but, also, the most resilient to the strongest manifestation of evil. The greatest human evil has always lain not in the hands of a highly visible, autonomous despot, but in the corporate hands of a camouflaged, contagious, incremental, inexorable, institutional, and united evil. Corruption will always be a threat that every official of any government (and, indeed, every citizen) struggles with. But a tyrant that has a lifespan, is limited by the adherence to an unchangeable constitution, and can legally be deposed for the transgression of it is nothing compared to a republic (whose composition practically invites plutocracy and

cabalism and is inherently divisive, and whose claims to representative government are false and disarmingly deceptive ) and its secretive cabal that grows stronger with age and is so decentralized that its removal becomes akin to battling a hydra that is not only poisonous, but invisible.

A monarchy—limited by the laws of an unchangeable constitution and the spiritual censures of the Church (excommunication)—is the only form of government that effectively addresses both problems. A king bound by these laws and the laws of Christ, presiding over a Christian country, must not be like the other rulers of the world. His life must be as simple as a monk’s and devoid of excesses. His necessities being met, his primary concerns must be the service of the people in the name of Christ and the edification of his soul.

Church and State

Just as it is necessary that there be one State—one people, country, and king—so also it is necessary that there be one Church. The jurisdiction of the State is to promote the earthly well-being of the people; the jurisdiction of the Church is to promote the spiritual well-being of the people. The State enforces laws and exacts justice and war; the Church protects the purity of Christ’s doctrines and administers the preaching of the Word and the sacraments. The Church informs the State what good, evil, justice, and mercy mean and who Jesus Christ is; the State defends the Church from the lawlessness of men. Both institutions must officially recognize one another’s authority and separate spheres of influence, while at the same time cooperating in order to meet the holistic needs of the people whom they serve. For this reason, there can only be one State-recognized Church and religion.


To become a citizen of the country and reside within its borders, one must be a European; the definition of which is: One who is a descendant of Christian Civilization and whose ancestors originated from the European continent (including Iceland and excluding Jews, Muslims, Turks, and gypsies). This can be determined by one’s possession of at least a 90% European genetic makeup and adherence to the culture and principles of Christian Civilization.


In order to prevent the subversion of the country—its people, culture, laws, and government—all immigration and naturalization must be restricted to Europeans alone. This naturalization, however, is not automatic simply by merit of being European. One must demonstrate that one understands and affirms the principles of the country and consents to its laws and government.

The Jews

Those people who call themselves ‘the Jews’—by rejecting, betraying, and murdering the Christ; slaughtering the saints; scorning the Word of God; hindering the ministry of the Church; inverting the natural order; undermining the family unit; promoting sexual degeneracy; inciting the rebellion of women; corrupting the minds of children and facilitating their sexual abuse; breeding money through interest; deceptively pitting nations against each other for wicked gain; devising philosophies that pervert the truth and wreak havoc upon the world; murdering countless peoples; and willfully pursuing the eradication of Christians and Europeans—have not only demonstrated that they are the sworn enemies of Christ, Christians, and Europeans; but also, that they absolutely refuse to repent of their abominable ways, continue to harden their hearts and multiply their transgressions, and will stop at nothing to further unleash their evil upon the peoples of this world.

It is not only the duty of every person to resist and conquer evil internally, but also to encourage goodness and love in others, and, when necessary, to suppress and rebuke evil’s external manifestations and to prevent them from polluting God’s world and its peoples: To sanctify every aspect of one’s existence in whatever office or role one finds oneself in. This is a knightly battle that requires constant vigilance, wisdom and understanding, genuine love, great courage, strong will, and the orientation of the spirit towards Christ and His laws. Europeans (and Christians especially) must never assist the Jews in propagating their evil designs. This includes active participation in and promotion of their sins; denial of their heinous crimes; failure to actively suppress their wickedness in the name of false excuses: ‘uncertainty’ of the correct course of action, the ‘irresponsibility’ of putting one’s life or the well-being of one’s family in danger, appeals to one’s ‘lack of authority’ or ‘other responsibilities’, cowardly unwillingness to use force when necessary, or the desire to be ‘loving’ rather than ‘hateful’; apathetic detachment from God’s world, its events, and the state of its peoples; and being overcome by the devil and fighting evil with evil.

The solution to the ‘Jewish question’ can never involve the evil, systematic genocide of them. Rather, Europe and its people—whose minds have been captured and enslaved to evil— must be rewon and firmly established. Physical force against the Jews and their allies must be proportionate to the situation and in accordance with God’s law. After re-establishing the country and expelling the Jews, any further threats that arise from them will be dealt with as they come. As always, it is the duty of the Church to preach the Gospel to them and, indeed, all peoples. Such justice and mercy is pleasing to God and will by no means go unrewarded— just as the evil and hatred of the Jews will by no means go unpunished.

Money and Usury

Because the purpose of money is to approximately and abstractly represent the natural value of nature’s goods that God provides for (or withholds from) humans in His providence, the disgusting practice of exacting value for the use of money in addition to the principal is to effectively obtain a value that does not exist. Commonly called interest or usury, any profit from money loaned simply by merit of it being in use is unlawful and evil. Profits from loans can only occur from the agreed-to division of actual wealth gained in a business venture. But strictly speaking, this is not interest, but profit from newly obtained wealth. It follows, then, that all non-charitable loans made with the intention of profiting are susceptible to risk and the skills of the businessman. It is the responsibility of the investor to understand the risks involved. Any arguments for interest in the name of ‘risk protection’ or lucrum cessans are false and invalid. This is not to say that a creditor has no right to compensation of lost principal due to a debtor’s default on a loan. What it means is that there can be no profit from loans themselves for any reason whatsoever; even for ‘potential damages’ or ‘possible wealth,’ as these are presumptuous.

One of the ramifications of the evil of interest is the abominable creation of the vocational ‘debt slave-masters’ who derive their income entirely not from producing or trading wealth, but simply by loaning money at interest, which interest is then counted as money and enters the economy despite not possessing intrinsic value. This ‘new money’—created out of thin air and not representing any actual wealth—can now be used to purchase real provisions, thereby ensuring the gradual appropriation of all wealth into the hands of the money-breeders.

In addition, the presence of interest necessitates the do-or-die imperative for the economy to constantly expand in order to keep up with accelerating inflation, resulting in ludicrous consumerism, decadent trifles, outrageous gluttony, and the eventual collapse of the whole system. Interest turns men into beasts and society into a rat race. It plunges men into slavery and despair, grants power and influence to Machiavellian criminals, and drags entire nations down into the fiery inferno of hell.

In accordance with God’s law, all forms of interest must be outlawed.

Family, Sexual Deviancy, and Pornography

The family is a divinely instituted group consisting of the husband-father, the wife-mother, and the children. The husband’s role is to love, lead, and discipline his wife, just as Christ loves, leads, and disciplines His Church. The wife’s role is to love her husband by obeying him and submitting to his authority, just as the Church loves and obeys Christ and submits to His authority. The father’s role is to lead his family educationally, politically, and religiously; to provide for their needs; and to defend them against violence. The mother’s role is to bear children and assist the father in leading the family. The children’s role is to learn from their parents and obey them. Any deviation from this formula, confusion of its roles, or abdication of its responsibilities is lawless and sinful; not necessarily because it is harmful to society or unproductive towards its advancement, but because it is a deviation from the way God created humans to naturally behave. Someone commits evil not when he causes suffering, but when he transgresses God’s laws.

Human sexuality is exclusive to one man and one woman who have first entered into a committed relationship and the legally binding contract of marriage, breakable by nothing save adultery or death. The role of the husband in sexual union is to be dominant; the role of the wife is to be passive. The confusion of their roles, polygamy, homosexuality, transsexualism, or prepubescent participation is unlawful and evil. Aside from the inherent beauty of romantic love and its conduciveness towards strengthening the husband-wife relationship, the main purpose of sex is to create offspring. Any sexual act involving the genitals that does not consist of a man inserting his penis into his wife’s vagina and inseminating her is to divorce procreation from sex, and is an evil act. This includes masturbation, coitus interruptus, contraception, and sodomy.

Because pornography is as evil and insidious as it is highly addictive and damaging to the psyche and sexual health of unsuspecting youths, the government must enforce its removal from all platforms and mediums.


The revelation of God’s will for the restoration of fallen man reveals that human life begins at the moment of conception. Any intentional termination of a fertilized human egg is tantamount to ending a human life in its most vulnerable and innocent state. Commonly called abortion, this evil act is one of murder.

In cases of ectopic pregnancy, in which the lives of both the mother and infant are compromised, it is necessary to remove the infant from its improper location of implantation and to use all medical means possible to keep it alive and facilitate its growth—whether inside or outside of the mother. Any careless neglect of medical professionals to respect and strive for both the life of the mother and infant is an instance of manslaughter.

As miscarriage is not a personal act but, rather, an unfortunate manifestation of the common curse, the mother can not be held liable for the death of the infant.

If a woman is raped and conceives, the evil and repugnant act of the rapist does not justify the death of the infant. However, after giving birth, the woman is free to put the baby up for adoption or to place it in the care of an orphanage.

The permissibility of abortion is a symptom of a much broader societal evil. It is the shunning of responsibility and the consequences of one’s actions. Every person has the obligation to exercise his will for good and not make careless, unthoughtful decisions.

Gun Rights

It is the right of the people to bear arms and form militias. Every firearm—regardless of the capacity of its magazine, the nature of its ammunition, or whether it is automatic or not—is lawful for citizens to possess and make use of in the defense of their person, people, property, or country. This right, however, does not extend to artillery or biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.