For Our Folk!

By: Matthew F Hale

For Our Folk

Matt Hale

O racial loyalists, will you save your world?

Will you stand up for your folk?

Will you have your banners unfurled?


Will your truth break through the lies?

As the night gives way to sunrise?

Will your hearts be filled with joy having won your freedom?


Will your children one day honor your hallowed name?

Will they look upon your deeds

Shrouded everlastingly in fame?


Will the streets be safe for all?

Will the traitor order fall?

Will the land be of their own

Free from all tyrants?


Will our brethren join together finally as one?

There are no borders ‘tween our blood

The age of strife is done!


The bond of blood is true

Unlike the cauldron’s brew

Love is loyalty and loyalty is love!

For our folk!  For our folk!  For our folk!!