Richard Clayton: Commitment

By: Richard Dean Clayton

Commitment: Despite my arrest, incarceration, and subsequent negative media exposure, I still remain to this day an unrepentant identitarian ethnonationalist, committed to the preservation of a White ethnic and cultural identity. The state can try to punish me until I forsake the fourteen words, and the media may try to shame me into abandoning White nationalism, but ours is a movement that cannot be stifled and snuffed out, an ideology that will stand the test of time. In the first few months that I spent incarcerated, seeing my face and name smeared on the television for weeks, I thought of suicide daily. But what pulled me out of that depression was a combination of the outpouring of support from fellow brother across the country and the realization that I would be of no use to the movement dead. The current system wants us dead and I intend to deny them that satisfaction. Thanks for your support and continue doing what you all do!

Hail Victory!