Our Emphasis

By: Tyler Eugene Tenbrink

In rare form the enemies of all that we hold dear, have, in their overzealous advancement of their elitist agenda inadvertently dealt us a good turn.  Having revealed in full breadth their incorrigible and pernicious doctrine they turned a large portion of the mainstream majority to the gathering storm of the ancestral archetype.

We must be prepared to consider that we are swiftly and irrevocably approaching the point of no return, allowing ourselves to be legislated into a tyranny where pedantic demagogues pander to the lowest common denominator.  These people realistically care very little for this country, it’s majority or what is best for both.

Our efforts, redoubled to strengthen our resolve and determine to no longer tolerate the deliberate stultification of the spirit of our people.  To resolutely pit ourselves against those who seek to disinherit our youth and deligitimize our heritage.

An emphasis must be placed on education and community outreach to counteract the virulent foreign influencing our children and our culture.  To restore sound philosophy to the collective consciousness of the Folk.  To this end we must continue to make ourselves firmly established, open exemplary members of our communities understanding each individual is a representative of the whole and conducting our affairs accordingly with a spirit of excellence.  The consequence being to prevail or perish.