Augustus Sol Invictus

Augustus Invictus
York County Detention Center


Augustus is out on bail awaiting trial.


“A correspondent who visited Invictus told National Justice  that while he could not legally discuss the case at all, he did complain about his horrific treatment in the Florida jail system. After having his bail rejected, he was automatically placed in solitary confinement, which the United Nations calls torture and an “extortion technique.” Putting defendants in solitary confinement is a tactic law enforcement uses to torture suspects into pleading guilty, even if they are innocent. Inside, he was denied his special religious diet. The journalist who interviewed him said he looked skinny and malnourished. He has now been transferred to South Carolina.”



7001 St. Andrews Road – #215

Columbia, SC 29212

***UPDATE*** 08/31/2020

Augustus is out on bail…

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Augustus Sol Invictus
York County Detention Center
7001 St. Andrews Road - #215
Columbia, SC 29212

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