James Alex Fields, Jr

USP Allenwood

***UPDATE*** James address has changed please update accordingly.

James Alex Fields, 23 of Maumee, OH traveled alone to the UTR in Charlottesville, VA on 8/12/2017. After the rally became violent Fields attempted to leave the city in his grey Dodge Charger when he encountered violent counter-protesters. Fields’ car was attacked, he lost control of the vehicle and fatally struck Heather Heyer, 32.

Fields fled the scene for his physical safety and was found a short distance away, distraught about the incident. He has maintained he acted in self defense. A Charlottesville jury convicted Fields in December 2018 on charges of 1st Degree Murder, multiple counts of aggravated malicious wounding, malicious wounding, and leaving the scene of an accident. He was sentenced by the State of Virginia to Life in Prison ( — plus 419 years!) as well as $480,000 in fines. A federal judge sentenced him to life without the possibility of parole after he plead guilty to 29 federal hate crimes in exchange for prosecutors dropping a charge which could have led to the death penalty.


James has been moved to a medical facility.  We do now know that this means.

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