Jessica Reavis

Jessica Reavis, 40, of Danville Virginia was arrested in Pittsboro during a rally when she was defending the “Our Confederate Heroes” monument.  She is a member of the league of the South.

She has let us know that she needs representation as no one will take her case.  She is not in jail but she is awaiting trial on November 6th in Pittsboro.


Jessica sent this in…

A little history on October 5, 2019, i was in Pittsboro standing against them illegally removing the confederate veterans memorial. There were three plain clothes officers and they reported to uniformed officers that i was printing a firearm under my shirt. I am a licensed concealed carry permit holder.

The uniform officers immediately came over and pulled me into a parking lot behind where i was standing and informed me that my permit didn’t matter if i was “demonstrating” so they arrested me and took my weapons. (Glock 22, 3 mags and jpx pepper gun three catridrges and ammo)

They released me without bond and turned me lose 8.1 miles from my vehicle and told me to walk. I didn’t have a phone so i had to walk. In fact i had no idea where i was since i was in the back of a van when arrested. There were antifa members present in lobby when they released me and were filming me. The police had no consideration for my safety.

I went to trial on January 10, 2020 and was found guilty on weapons at parades nc ss14.277.2

I am currently awaiting an appeal trial. Antifa has me in a hit list and i also been made famous by SPLC 4 times in since my arrest. I am an officer for the league of the south so that’s why they are attacking me so much.

I need an attorney and if i find one i may need help getting them. The court had drug me in and out at a rate of every 2.5 weeks. I’ve been 5 times. Antifa is currently looking for my job info but I’m still maintaining that away from them so far.

I need the support of my people to help me stay strong. I’m ok just hard on ones mind and that’s how they defeat you. If convicted I’ll lose my permit to carry, I’ll be under red flag laws and will lose my weapons and also they want to keep the weapons they took from me on Oct 5th, plus fines. …probation. …possible jail time. 120 days.

It had turned to a case about my rights. While i was practicing my first (peaceful assembly) i practiced my second amendment while under 5 and 14. ..Right to life, liberty, and property. I need a constitutional lawyer (2nd amendment )

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