Patrik Jordan Mathews

Patrik Jordan Mathews, 27,of Canada has been charged with being an alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition.  He is also accused of being one of the main recruiters for The Base.  He is awaiting trial.

We are unable to locate Patrik if you have any information regarding his whereabouts please let us know.

Justin Daniel Lough

Justin Daniel Lough, 29, of Waynesboro, Virginia has been sentenced to 12 years in prison in a drugs-for-guns scheme.  They maintain that they were set up by the FBI.

National Justice reports…

Between 2016 and 2017, the FBI agents infiltrated Aryan Strikeforce, concocted the conspiracy and provided the fake meth. The drugs were then sold off to another group of FBI agents pretending to be contraband dealers. The only role members played was to go along for the ride. The crime would not have occurred without the FBI playing essentially all the important roles, from masterminds of the conspiracy, suppliers and purchasers. The investigation was motivated by political concerns and had no law enforcement value.

Matthew Paul Slatzer

Matthew Paul Slatzer, 36, of Canton Ohio was rearrested after attending a Covid rally holding a sign stating “Jews are the real plague.”  He is a member of the National Socialist Movement.

The Zman wrote some commentary on Matt’s case…

He goes to a rally waving around an Jew-hating sign. So, the Feds get involved and find an arrest for carrying a gun into a bar from a couple months prior. They use it to charge him in federal court for a crime that is barely worth the time in state court.

The money quote from the story on his case is this. “Herdman said the majority of the firearms charges his office has historically brought involve people with prior felony convictions. However, he said his office would screen more cases to try and bring more federal charges against people who committed domestic violence, including those with misdemeanor convictions.”

In other words, the ADL is now defining “domestic terrorism” and submitting cases to the Feds for enforcement.


Joffre James Cross

Joffre James Cross, 34, of Houston Texas, was arrested on weapons charges.  He attended the Florida Richard Spencer event.  He has been sentenced and is serving 57 months at Pollock prison.

We have confirmed his address it is correct below.  He asks that funds be sent to his cashapp account at $JoffreCross



Beau Daniel Merryman

Beau Daniel Merryman, 19, of Atlanta Texas has been arrested for allegedly “knowingly distribut(ing)…the manufacture and use of an explosive and destructive device, namely detailed instructions for constructing pipe bombs,” according to a federal indictment.  He was previously arrested for posting “it’s ok to be White” stickers (no we aren’t kidding) he is believed to be a member of Atomwaffen.  He is awaiting trial.