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Russell Orlando Courtier, 42, of Oregon was found guilty of guilty of murder, second-degree intimidation and hit-and-run driving.  Mr. Courtier had an altercation with 10 y/o Larnell Bruce Jr. and two of Mr. Larnell’s friends after which Mr. Courtier ran down Mr. Bruce with his Jeep.  These facts are not in dispute, what is in dispute however is why they happened.  Though the media was desperate to provide Mr. Bruce the full Trayvon Martin rehabilitation it turns out he, like Mr. Martin has a lengthy rap sheet.  As TheZman notes…

Now, according to the media, the attack was a hate crime. Russell Orlando Courtier is a 40-year old white man and Larnell Bruce Jr. was a 19-year old black man, who is dutifully described by the media as a teenager. They want you to get the impression that he was an innocent 13-year old out riding his bike when he was viciously attacked by this white supremacist. Larnell Bruce Jr. is Emmett Till, another unfortunate black body destroyed by a society that was built on and continues to promote white supremacy.

In reality Larnell Bruce Jr. was a hyper-violent serial criminal, with 16 convictions, including one for beating a child with a skateboard. At just 19-years old, Larnell Bruce Jr. was well on his way to either life in a cage or the local cemetery.

During his trial Mr. Courtier in his defense suggested that he had been attacked by these hyper violent criminals but all the Legal system and the media seemed interested in were his tattoos from a White prison gang.  We weren’t there (and we don’t know) but this certainly looks like just one more example of the current anti-White double standard we all labor under today.

That’s how the lie machine works. The mass media contorts and manipulates events to fit into the narrative. The anti-white hate groups, like the ADL, then cherry pick their best work to include in their libel against white people. They are then invited by the media onto the various platforms to repeat their libel against white people. Other media platforms are assigned to cover these modern minstrel shows, so the lies go through the megaphones once more. Like an echo, the lie is repeated over and over and over.

This is highly orchestrated and coordinated propaganda by people who know exactly what they are doing. At the bottom of that news story is a video the news site put together. It has some clips of the family of the slain man talking about how much they miss the victim. There are images of the victim as a boy. The point of the video is to make you think the convicted man killed a innocent little child, rather than another hyper violent serial felon. Goebbels could not have imagined propaganda of this scale.

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