Privacy Policy

The Global Minority Initiative only gathers your information when you clearly and explicitly submit your information while contacting us, signing up for a newsletter, or making a donation or purchase through our e-commerce service. We do not sell, market, or disclose your information to third parties.

DeFi: Decentralized Financing

Accepting Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Checks, or Corporate Money Orders (MoneyGram, Western Union, etc…) is not worth the risk, for us or for you.

By only accepting Monero and Postal Money Orders, we at the Global Minority Initiative reduce our surface area for financial deplatforming attacks and protect our supporters from getting “canceled” by the anti-White activists.


We do not accept Bitcoin because Bitcoin has a public ledger that’s vulnerable to open source analytics. In other words, we cannot guarantee the privacy of Bitcoin donations made to us. While we could resolve the first and worst case by having private and distinct addresses for each submission, one false move on our part after that step could expose one or all of our customers to Big Tech, Woke Capitalist, and Antifa retaliation.

Monero is the most popular “privacy coin,” and the only cryptocurrency that meets all of the criteria for our use case.

Postal Money Orders

Postal Money Orders are superior to corporate checks or money orders whose providers can more readily get “woke” and financially deplatform us. As the name suggests, they’re available at your local post office. Please allow for a delay in processing, as we do not check our post office box every single day. Your transaction will be “On Hold” until we receive and acknowledge receipt of your Postal Money Order.

Tor Hidden Service (Dark Web)

GMI is available on the Dark Web to ensure that we cannot be deplatformed by the domain registrars and to offer an additional privacy option. We ask our supporters to bookmark and save our tor hidden service address:


You’ll need to download the Tor Browser from the Tor Project to use that address. If you use the Tor Browser to access our website’s tor hidden service address, we’re very confident that your privacy will be protected while browsing or donating to the website. Do not access our tor hidden service addresss with anything other than the official Tor Browser and do not access our clearnet address ( through the Tor Browser.

Email Service

You’ll need a secure email. We can’t offer any specific recommendations for that, other than strongly recommending that you not use google, microsoft, apple, or similar free Big Tech email providers.