Support GMI

Hosting and maintaining this project requires a tremendous amount of time and real expenses. Prisoner statuses and details are constantly changing, and we do our best to keep that information as fresh as possible. We promote fundraisers and awareness campaigns that draw attention to our men behind the wire. This is a labor of love, and we’ve also dug into our own pockets. But your support would be richly appreciated and would make a real impact on the quality and comprehensiveness of our work.

Our routine fundraisers ensure that every dime raised for prisoners goes to prisoners. We know that people trying to help prisoners want as much of their money as possible to go to the prisoners in need. That being said, the direct assistance of forward-thinking benefactors to help keep the project afloat is an excellent investment in the prisoners.

If you sign up to join the Relief Guild for $20/month, half of it will go directly to urgent prisoner support and half of it will go toward paperwork, tech, and labor expenses of running the NSCC project. You’ll be included in our monthly Relief Guild email list and added to our Relief Guild Discussion Forum where you can play an active role in the leadership and stewardship of this vitally necessary project.